“I’m exceedingly sorry Michael Solomon got cancer. But I’m exceedingly happy he chose to share his tale with us. He manages to squeeze a huge amount of humor from this seemingly depressing topic, weaving in thoughts on marriage, fatherhood, surgery and improbable crushes on medical personnel.”
– A.J. Jacobs
Bestselling author of The-Know-It-All, Drop Dead Healthy, and The Year Of Living Biblically

We can be hit with so much that eventually all we can do is laugh about it. “Now It’s Funny: How I Survived Cancer, Divorce, and Other Looming Disasters” is a humorous memoir from Michael Solomon who presents his own journey into the joys of fighting cancer and how everything else about life threw itself at him at the same time, and how he emerged from it all laughing. “Now It’s Funny” provides its own inspiration, and is well worth considering.
—Midwest Book Review

“A funny, fabulous book!” – Fran Drescher – TV star & Ovarian cancer survivor

“Skillfully intertwines the medical with the emotional…a small masterpiece in depicting a father-son bond under unthinkable pressure…Solomon is both a remarkably smart guide and a very entertaining one. There is no pathos in these pages, and that will move readers all the more.”
-Kirkus Reviews — **Critic’s Choice**

“Having watched my father battle lung cancer, I was filled with certain trepidation when I got into the details of Mr. Solomon’s story…This is an excellent book for anyone dealing with cancer, in any form.” – Literary R&R

“I’m a cancer survivor…friends ask me what books to give to others starting the cancer journey. I’ve read a ton of them and Michael Solomon’s memoir is by far the best…This should be required reading for doctors, nurses, social workers…anyone dealing with cancer patients.” -Caliboots,


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