Free Book Giveaway on Goodreads

Yes, indeed it’s true. Enter to win a genuine copy of Now It’s Funny…. on Goodreads. Just go to this link:

Thanks for all the wonderful support and emails about the book folks! Since my last blogpost, I’ve also begun tweeting and @nowitsfunny is my Twitter name. I hope I don’t begin to think of the entire world in terms of pithy expressions that fit into 140 characters, though it seems so far that this is EXACTLY what happens when one starts posting on Twitter. You begin to parse your own conversations for expressions that are “tweetable.”

“Waiter, may I have the check?”


“I sent the check last week and I even spoke to someone in customer service so why am I getting this collection notice?”


Or maybe not. I haven’t yet learned to count characters in my head. But it’ll come with time. This is sort of the Internet version of trying to write on a kernel of rice. It takes practice.

Now go get yourself a free book…..