Free Book Giveaway on Goodreads

Yes, indeed it's true. Enter to win a genuine copy of Now It's Funny.... on Goodreads. Just go to this link: Thanks for all the … [Continue reading]

N-Hexane hits Apple workers and Beverly Hills High School Students

I just read that Apple factory workers in China who cleaned iPad and iPod screens were poisoned by something called n-hexane. We may have something in common. I was one of the kids (or rather, I am now one of the adults) who was involved in the Erin … [Continue reading]

A Book is Born

In another couple of days I'm going to announce the release of my memoir. Yikes. About a dozen years ago my Dad made me go to the doctor to get a colonoscopy. My Dad doesn't know the first thing about medicine but he knows a lot about worrying, and … [Continue reading]